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We are now working hard to update the site. We are slowly uploading more past exam questions with extended answers. Good luck to all the new pre-reg students.


Pharmacy Knowledge is designed to give essential clinical and OTC knowledge for pharmacy preregistration students taking the RPSGB / GPhC exam. The information given is based on past papers and exam guidance textbooks (see recommended reading) for the RPSGB / GPhC exam. However, this site should only be used as a guide for pharmacy preregistration students, it does not include all information that will come up in the exam, we aim to cover common questions and potential questions which will come up. At the moment this site will only focus on the CLOSED BOOK paper and on clinical, counselling and OTC questions.

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GPhC exam

Find out how the new GPhc exam will be different from the previous RPSGB exam

Essential Exam Tips

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You can also email me through if you have any specific questions in which the site does not cover or if you have any suggestions to what else should be included.

Attention: This site and the owners have no influence over any upcoming RPSGB / GPhC exams or questions. The information in this site is not a "full" guide to passing the RPSGB / GPhC pharmacy preregistration (prereg) exam, and should not be used as the only source of your revision.

Top 5 tips to passing the RPSGB  / GPhC Pharmacy Preregistration exam

1. Read the BNF, MEP, Drug Tariff, and Pharmacy Standards Documents, and tag them. Pay attention particularly to CSM warnings in the BNF
2. OTC - Learn age restrictions, license restrictions, and when to refer for all otc medicines and conditions
3.Do as many past exam papers as you can
4. Be 100% confident with calculations
5. Learn side effects of drugs thoroughly, pay attention to detail e.g Diuretics cause hyperglycaemia, hyponatreamia and hypokalaemia.




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